Cindi Wakefield Studios
Taping & Coaching for Actors

Step Up to the Camera
          &  Make a Great Tape!

Ready to Make a Great

Audition Tape?

Great rates, location and studio space with snacks, extras and relaxed atmosphere

Adults, Teens and Kids by appointment for Audition Taping and Coaching

Private Coaching, Audition Prep and College Auditions

Demo Reel Editing from your Scenes



Demo Reel Editing
    & Slate Shots

Demo Reel editing from your scenes


Slate Shot writing and taping


Actor Services

Audition Taping
College Auditions

Affordable Prices, Quality Taping


Straight Taping (without reader/coaching)
  30 min. - $20
  45 min. - $30
  60 min. - $40

Audition Coaching & Taping with Reader
  30 min. - $25
  45 min. - $35
  60 min. - $45


*No fees for audition editing & submission

Coaching & Audition Prep

Coaching & Taping

   30 min. - $25

   45 min. - $35

   60 min. - $45

Cindi Wakefield Studios is in its 4th year of operation focusing on helping YOU deliver your best auditions!  

...a space where you can close the door on outside stress and distractions and feel at home in a creative space to make your BEST audition tapes!

Over 15 years experience in

   * Commercial Advertising

   * Commercial Casting

   * Spokesperson/PR Professional

More than 10 years invested in  navigating key TV/Film markets

   * Local Texas

   * Southeast

   * Los Angeles

Parent of working actors

Masters Degree in Marketing

6 Time Telly Award Winner

Cindi Wakefield

Cindi's Background

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Studio located near

I-75 North Central Expy & 15th Street in Plano:


1517 G Ave.

Plano, TX. 75074

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